volunteer program


Why English ? English is universal language in the world even when we go to non English country you should have a English skill or you get losts

English open our chances more than more, English who care us when we don’t want somebody to cheatting us when we want to take a vacation

English language is the way to share culture, habits, concern and love to many people in the world
English is what we need in this globalization

That’s why we love ENGLISH

We are the organization of ISLAMIC TRADITIONAL AND MODERN BOARDING SCHOOL based in Sukabumi city, west java, Indonesia, we are non provit school/organization where we really care about English improvement
ENGLISH FOR ALL is our program where we inviting the expert or fluently people in English to come to our boarding school and start to teach English and also to start help each other peoples
HOW? Just send me email and your CV, we make a deal for time and I will be there
ISLAMIC TRADITIONAL AND MODERN SCHOOL is a non provit school based humanity and charitable programme, we have more than 150 students boys and girls consist 30% of orphan and 70% of student from challenged family, ISLAMIC BOARDING SCHOOL born since 1996 since when born we start to give every students a good and quality education and knowledge, Time by time we realize English is very important as to support childrens/students future skills and make better generation for the world



“ENGLISH FOR ALL” divided into two part

First is teaching in BOARDING SCHOOL
Boarding school has a bilingual area where to speak English daily is obligation for all of students everyday, when you be there you will help us a lot to improve their English language

Secondly, school visiting in sukabumi area
Indonesia is not familiar country for English language not seems Malaysia or Singapore, “school visiting” is where we want to introduce and growing the intention and interest for English language from Indonesia students

Additional, Sukabumi is city of westjava, our place surrounded by hills and mountain, a good place for enjoy the world and relaxing

WE OPEN MINDED *80% of volunteers who has came and join the “ENGLISH FOR ALL” programme is NON MOSLEM but we really have a good time and educational experience, we love each other J


  • On saturday and sunday you will have a free day for teaching, we will bring you to good place where we have and for last week in indonesia we have some tour program in sukabumi but the cost you have to prepare with your self.
  • How many Workawayers can stay?

More than two

Volunteering hours expected

Maximum 4-5 hours a day, 5 days a week



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