Safeguarding Islam’s past for future generations

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Image caption The citadel in Aleppo, Syria, has suffered damage during the country’s six-year-long conflict

A recent conference in Bahrain brought together experts in Islamic archaeology to discuss the lessons of the past and how to safeguard Muslim heritage for future generations.

Under the blistering Bahraini sun archaeologist Salman Al Mahari and his team are excavating a section on the western side of the Al-Khamis mosque site.

With its twin minarets the mosque used to act as a landmark for ships at sea guiding them to land in the 14th century.

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 Pesantren or Pondok Pesantren are Islamic boarding schools in Indonesia. According to one popular tradition, the pesantren education system originated from traditional Javanese pondokan; dormitories; ashram for Hindu or viharas for Buddhists to learn religious philosophies, martial arts and meditation. Institutions much like them are found across the Islamic world and are called pondok in Malaysia and Southern Thailand and madrasa Islamia (Islamic madrasa) in India and Pakistan and much of the Arabic speaking world. Pesantren aim to deepen knowledge of the Koran, particularly through the study of Arabic, traditions of exegesis, the Sayings of the Prophet, law and logic. The term pesantren derives from the root word santri or student — pe-santri-an or the place of the santri

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volunteer program


Why English ? English is universal language in the world even when we go to non English country you should have a English skill or you get losts

English open our chances more than more, English who care us when we don’t want somebody to cheatting us when we want to take a vacation

English language is the way to share culture, habits, concern and love to many people in the world
English is what we need in this globalization

That’s why we love ENGLISH

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February 13 2017

Salma 12 years old sitting on  1st class is one of the best student Al-izz ever had, she had a good voice for reading Al-quran with a beautiful  rhythm where everyone cant stop to hearing her voices, and that the reason why she goes to the first winner on SMK 2 contest at sukabumi town

She told me that she learn to read Al-quran with a beautiful rhythm (Qori) when she was student of fourth class of elementary school, and two years later she get the first achievement at cianjur for best QORIAH that held with cianjur district

Now, in Al-izz boarding school she’s continue her journey to keep up and learning more about QORIAH and also she make Al-I zz boarding school so proud for having talented student like her, we wish she can motivating her classmate even all of the Al-izz Student for creating meaningful journey on their life

Thanks salma